Northern Ireland

Better integrating in the movement
Tim Hancock

#iwill Ambassador, Tim Hancock, was recruited in 2015. Here he shares the three challenges that stand out for getting more young people to take part in social action in Northern Ireland.


Many educators and politicians are aware of the excellent work that young people are doing in terms of campaigning, fundraising and volunteering in Northern Ireland. Awareness spikes during media campaigns such as #iwill Week. However, it can be hard for the #iwill message to cut through the general noise and clutter of social media, which means that not enough people know about the awesome work of Ambassadors and other young people involved in the campaign.


We need to have better communications between all the Ambassadors and young people who are involved in #iwill. It can feel as though we’re doing this work alone. In the future, I’d like to see stronger communications all round: between #iwill Ambassadors and young volunteers, between Volunteer Now and #iwill campaign lead organisations, and between young people and organisations who are looking for volunteers.


Political campaigns attract young people’s attention, but they can also seem volatile and hostile. In my opinion, they focus too much on certain demographics while neglecting existing supporters who are ready, willing and able to volunteer.