#iwill Partner

Premier League

The Premier League’s community strategy focuses on helping young people to improve their skills on and off the sports field and on building stronger, more inclusive communities. It has a particular emphasis on working with individuals and communities that need the greatest support, so there was a natural fit for us with the #iwill campaign. It gave us the chance to develop a strategic plan for social action and, by engaging schools through our Premier League Primary Stars programme, we can now start young people on their social action journeys earlier.

Working with #iwill has been an exciting process. I’ve been struck by the way that it has brought people together from so many different organisations, creating a genuine movement for change.

Across the board, the 110 Premier League, EFL and National League club community organisations we fund are embracing #iwill and embedding youth social action in their own unique way, allowing young people to explore the issues that matter most to them. Some of that action includes:

Through our partnership with #iwill we are making significant progress in involving younger age groups and communities that hadn't previously had a history of social action. Over 70% of our youth volunteers are now aged 10 and below, and more than half of our activities have taken place in the top 30% most deprived areas.

We have learned a huge amount in the last 18 months and there’s lots more to do. As part of our Power of Youth Charter commitments, we’re going to develop a Youth Advisory Group, to get more young voices involved in decision-making and strategy development, while using joint investment to drive social action.

In addition, we would like to use our channels to promote some of the amazing social action work that young people have undertaken in the last six months, some of which has gone under the radar.

Youth social action brings people together in a way that few other things do, and offers multiple benefits for organisations that get involved. It enables young people to tackle societal problems and helps them develop the skills they need to become future leaders. Right now, we need youth social action more than ever.

Nick Perchard, Head of Community, Premier League