Progress in Scotland

Building Momentum


Leyla, Volunteer for Young Scot and Abby, #iwill Ambassador


Youth social action is now woven into the fabric of Scotland, thanks to cross-party support in 2016 which ensured ownership across the political spectrum. .

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland said in 2016 "Volunteering is a fantastic way for young people to learn the value of supporting others in society so I’m delighted to support #iwill Scotland.

Volunteering benefits not just the community but those who volunteer. I know that the young people who take part in this campaign will experience an enormous sense of fulfilment.

I was a Brownie which introduced me to my first experiences of volunteering, helping at home or in the community."

The #iwill Reward platform helped to embed youth social action into the lives of young people across Scotland.
The Year of Young People in 2018 had a profound impact which continues to be felt, opening up many decision-making spaces to young people.

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister holds First Minister’s Question Time Next Generation - a question time dedicated to answering children and young people’s questions. #iwill Ambassador Razannah Hussain hosted the event alongside John Loughton:

As young people continue to take ownership of projects, including developing the Scottish #iwill Strategic Plan, the campaign is continuing its strong forward momentum in Scotland.

Co-chairs of the Scottish #iwill Advisory Board Tim Frew (CEO of Youthlink Scotland) and Louise Macdonald (CEO of Young Scot) issued this joint statement about Scotland’s plans to continue the campaign beyond 2020.

“The Scottish #IWill Advisory Board is passionate about showcasing and celebrating social action by the young people in communities across Scotland. By championing the #PowerOfYouth, the #IWill campaign in Scotland has built on the legacy of Year of Young People 2018, encouraging organisations to continue to grow and develop the opportunities and spaces they make available for young people to take action, influence change and make a difference.
Although Step Up To Serve, the time-limited charity who co-ordinate the campaign at a UK level, will close as always planned in December 2020, we recognise that there is a continued need for the #IWill campaign in Scotland. Building on the achievements of the campaign so far, we will continue to be led by the core campaign vision around social action and work with cross-sector partners to further amplify the voice, bolster their ambitions and celebrate the achievements of young Scots through #PowerOfYouth!”

Hear more from the #iwill Ambassadors about Scotland’s plans beyond 2020 at their session ‘Join the Movement’ held in #iwillWeek 2020.